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The story of Elizabeth Post

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Meet Liz

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to own my own business.  That passion became a reality when I married it with my hobby of creating unique, high-quality candles.  Things really took shape for me and ignited my drive when I found a way to utilize my talents for the good of others within my community by founding Elizabeth Post.

I am a scientist by day and Chandler by night (a person that makes candles).  I have always had a passion for learning and understanding why.  From the very first candle I produced, I was fanatical about the process and developing the highest quality candle possible.  

I am fortunate to have been and continue to be supported by so many special individuals in my life.  I am grateful to have found a way to make a positive impact on the lives of so many others.  

What is Giving the Basics?

Everyone deserves to have access to basic human dignity products like toothpaste, toilet paper, and other hygiene products.  Unfortunately many in need do not have access to these products because they are not provided through government assistance programs.  In response to this unmet need, Giving the Basics was founded in 2011.  

Giving the Basics brings dignity, health, and the opportunity to thrive to struggling children and adults through the procurement, fulfillment, and distribution of hygiene products.

Giving the Basics partners with more than 140 non-profit organizations and 350 local schools to distribute personal care items in the KC area. These hygiene items immediately help low-income families with small children, students, battered women, veterans, senior citizens, former prisoners and the mentally ill.

Because of this program 230,000 individuals have access to the basics each month, more than 76 pantries and 300 schools are serviced annually, and 196,000 students have access to the basics.

Find out more about this wonderful charity by clicking HERE. 

Image by Allison Wopata
Image by Nathan Dumlao
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